NLAB Volleyball Skills Camp



We are excited to introduce our newest training program...Volleyball! Starting this new program could not be possible without Coach Elaine and Coach Ayesha, both who have tremendous background in the sport. We kicked off the program by hosting a volleyball skills camp in San Bernardino. Besides the two NLAB coaches mentioned above, Coach Jane  (former CSUSB Volleyball Star and overseas player) and NLAB seasoned coach Shannon helped facilitate a high energy skills camp. There were over 25 girls in attendence and the gym was jam packed with parents supporting the athletes.

Skill development is so important in volleyball and im definitely looking forward to the NLAB training program for my daughter who absolutely loves the sport!
— Cindy M.

In the short amount of time, the girls had a chance to go through various speed and agility workouts as well as learning some simple, yet important volleyball tactics. Now that the camp is over, NLAB officially launched the training program. For more details on the volleyball training, click here

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