Dual Summer Sports Program

The HEAT is on!

If you have been to any of NLAB Sports camps or programs, there is something you will always notice. QUALITY! We take pride in providing high quality, organized and meaningful experiences for our athletes. The NLAB team has high expectations for our athletes, so why not set the bar high for our programming?

This was an extremely busy summer for the NLAB team. We hosted a 4 week dual sports program. We ran a soccer camp in Pomona and a basketball camp in San Bernardino at Norton Recreation center. In total we had around 60 kids that participated in the camps. During the camps, coaches pushed the athletes to their limits and fullest potential. No corners were cut, nobody gave up and the parents were truly amazed! 

My son enjoyed the soccer camp and had a wonderful experience. You can honestly tell the coaches were there for the kids. We are truly happy that we found NLAB
— Melanie S.

For both camps, we brought out guest speakers and trainers to hang with the athletes. We wanted to maximize the experience for the athletes. The first day of the soccer camp it was well over 100 degrees and it didn't bother the athletes. We kept them hydrated with many water breaks. The basketball gym was hot as well. Athletes were drenched in sweat but continued to push through! Big thanks to Coach Shannon, Nano, Drew, Josh, Casie, Demetrius, Dreama and Hana. Also, a special thanks to Ebony, Tristian and Alan for coming out to give back to the community! You all ROCK! 

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