How much training is too much?

How do I know if my child is training too much?

As the start of season is upon us, a lot of parents have been wondering how much training is too much for their child. Generally, kids should train for no more than 18-20 hours per week. If your child plans of training for longer for elite competition, you should consult a doctor to prevent injuries and growth abnormalities. According to, a nonprofit and educational organization, the main signs of over training are:

· Slower times in distance sports such as running, cycling, and swimming

· Deterioration in execution of sports plays or routines such as those performed in figure skating and gymnastics

· Decreased ability to achieve training goals

· Lack of motivation to practice

· Getting tired easily

· Irritability and unwillingness to cooperate with teammates

If your child starts preseason workouts/practice after an offseason of no activity, your child is bound to be injured. It is best to train in moderation and consistently to ensure peak performance while maintaining their physical health. Overall, make sure to look out for these signs in your child and remember rest is just as important as training. If you are looking for high quality training be sure to check out our programs!

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