8- Week Summer Basketball & Agility Camp

This was a busy summer for the NLAB team. We formed a wonderful partnership with The Institute for Precision in Movement which is a performance and physical therapy facility located in San Bernardino. In the middle part of June we launched our 8-week summer basketball and agility program. The program was co-ed, ages 8-18 years old and was designed for all skill levels. The Precision In Movement team focused on the strength and agility portion and we focused on basketball. Here is a message from Pete Lingas (owner of Precision In Movement):

We had the pleasure of partnering with NLAB Sports for the 8-week Basketball Skills and Agility Camp this summer. It was such an honor to have worked with such a talented NLAB team. Each of their team members were passionate about their craft. More importantly, it was apparent that each coach committed themselves to the kids and provided the best level of coaching and mentorship with the campers. To see our facility packed with kids, parents and coaches who all were eager to learn and share their love for basketball was a blessing and a dream come true. We hope to be able to continue to serve and connect with anyone or any organization who would like to invest in their communities and their future.
— Pete Lingas (Precision In Movement Owner)

Please take a look at some of the photos from the summer basketball camp. Please click here.

Now that the summer camp is over, we are formerly introducing our B.A.M. (Basketball Agility Mentoring) Training Academy. This will be our ongoing basketball training academy. To learn more about B.AM., please click here.

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