A Coach With Passion

With a bright smile, generosity for others and a knack for defense, Coach Shannon Irwin is a strong presence when working for NLAB. Irwin grew up in Dublin, California just about 45 minutes away from San Francisco. She has been playing basketball for a long 18 years and still wishes she can play at the University of La Verne where she also received her bachelors in science in kinesiology while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. Irwin has been with NLAB for two years now enjoying every second she spends with the athletes.

"NLAB focuses on fundamentals and the game as a whole. We put the kids first and focus on them as individuals on and off the court," said Irwin. One thing that many of basketball players tend to do when they miss a numerous of shots is let it get to their head forcing them to make mental mistakes.

"Young athletes need to learn that you will make mistakes, but to not let them affect your mindset," said Irwin.

Athletes from all over should learn that you will not always have the perfect game but it is up to you to keep going when you aren't making the shots that should go down.

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