NLAB Sports hosts free basketball camp

On Saturday September 23rd, we hosted a FREE basketball camp at The Water of Life Community Church in Fontana. The camp was for ages 8-18 and co-ed. This was a wonderful time for parents and community members to see what NLAB Sports was all about. We had kids from all skill levels attend the camp. The athletes were put through many drills to test the strength and conditioning as well as their basketball skill sets.

At the end of the camp NLAB coaches mentored the athletes on the importance of education and how to utilize sports as a tool and a motivator. One of the highlights of the camp was the athletes had opportunities to play 1 on 1 against the coaches and if they scored, they won a prize. Check out all the photos from the camp here.

If you are interested in training with NLAB Sports, check out the BAM Academy here.

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