NLAB Sports is a high quality, low cost youth sports training and development organization. Our team believes in educating our athletes. We believe that the dynamics of sports parallel to what takes place in life and grasping these skills on and off the court/field can take you far.  Learning fundamentals, preparing both mentally and physically, being selfless and a team player, being responsible and respectful, being attentive, learning to re-adjust, learning perseverance, and accepting victory and defeat are just some of the interchangeable key components our team is committed to instill in our athletes daily.

Meet the team


Gibran Carter

Coach Carter founded NLAB Sports in 2005. Gibran knew that many athletes were being left behind due to lack of resources such as equipment, financial barriers and more. Also, he noticed the youth not being properly trained or even being taught the fundamentals of basketball. His mission is to teach, mentor and prepare the youth to become successful student-athletes on and off the court.

Executive Director

College: Lewis University


Shannon Irwin

Shannon joined NLAB in the summer of 2016 and is an exceptional basketball and soccer skills trainer. When you train with her, you will immediately understand what it takes to be a great student-athlete. She brings a tenacious work ethic, positive attitude and she serves as an excellent mentor for our athletes.

Skills Trainer

College: University of La Verne


Khaneal Mason

Coach Khaneal joined NLAB the summer of 2017 and has made an immediate impact as a skills trainer. He brings his point guard mentality and has a strong passion for teaching the kids how to play the game of basketball from the ground up. He's known for his creative ball handling drills (give him a ball and some cones, and he's ready).

Skills Trainer

College: University of La Verne


Nano Oronoz

Nano started off as an intern and is now a soccer skills trainer with NLAB . She brings a superb work ethic, positive attitude and a high I/Q for the game of soccer. Also, she has a strong passion to teach the game of soccer from the ground up. Currently, she is a soccer All-Star at Cal-State Fullerton.

Soccer Skills Trainer


Elaine Nunez

Elaine joined the NLAB team in 2018 and now oversees the volleyball program. Elaine has been playing volleyball since the age of 11. She brings a high level of expertise and passion to the sport. Her main goal is to inspire and empower athletes to achieve and unlock their full potential. She’s here to inspire NLAB athletes to do more than they think they can.

Volleyball Skills Trainer


Ayesha Qureshi

Ayesha joined the NLAB team in 2018 and oversees the volleyball program. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able teach volleyball athletes the proper way to play the game. She has many years of playing volleyball ( a defensive specialist/setter) and also has coaching experience at the high school level. Ayesha is dedicated to showing NLAB athletes how school is just as important as their respective sport.

Volleyball Skills Trainer


Divya Tunwal

Divya started interning with NLAB in 2018. She combines her passion of sports with her interest in business to cultivate a new approach to how we market sports. She currently plays for her collegiate division II rugby team and enjoys playing basketball in her free time.


College: University of California, Riverside

Never Leave Athletes Behind




We mentor and educate our athletes about the importance of school and education and how it can have a big impact on their future and life goals. 



We will ALWAYS focus our time and energy on the positives of our athletes. We will NEVER talk down, embarrass, verbally abuse or single out an athlete.


Open Environment

We enjoy working with athletes of all skill levels. We break down our athletes in their age group and skill level to ensure a memorable experience.


Qualified Coaches

Our volunteer coaches have coaching/playing experience at a college or high school level. They are trained to work with our age groups and skill levels.